Hearing people wearing face masks just got easier

If face masks and social distancing are making it harder for you to hear what people are saying, our Savant AI hearing aids can help.

Made for face masks

Masks muffle speech and block important lip-reading cues, both key to hearing conversations. Savant AI hearing aids make it easier to hear — even if the person you're talking to is six feet away.

  • Our custom devices won't get tangled or pulled off when wearing or removing face masks.
  • Edge Mode for masks delivers an on-demand boost for speech audibility with just a tap of your hearing aids.
  • They automatically optimize for social distancing, background noise, and other face mask challenges.

Available on select Savant AI and Circa Edge AI technology levels

Edge Mode for masks

Our proprietary Edge Mode technology uses artificial intelligence to boost clarity any time you need it. Just tap your hearing aids and Edge Mode instantly scans the environment, optimizing for masks, social distancing and background noise to help make it easier to hear.

Only Available with select technology levels of Savant AI and Circa Edge AI

The perfect solution for masks

If you want hearing aids that don't fall off every time you wear or remove your mask, custom rechargeable Savant AI hearing aids are the answer:

  • Sit inside your ear so they won't interfere with your mask.
  • Edge Mode technology helps solve communication challenges with hearing loss, social distancing and face masks.
  • They're the only wireless custom rechargeable hearing aids available.

Mask Mode for hearing aids

Mask Mode is a custom memory in our Thrive app specifically designed to offset speech clarity loss due to masks and make people who are wearing masks easier to hear.

Available on select Savant AI technology levels