Thrive Hearing Control App

Circa AI mRIC next to iPhone X running Thrive app

Multi-purpose device that redefines what a hearing aid can do

Circa AI + Thrive

The Thrive Hearing Control app lets you easily control listening environments for maximum Hearing Performance, monitor your health using Healthable® Technology and enjoy the convenience of Intelligent Assistant features.

Sound Quality Icon

Sound Quality

Enjoy superior sound quality, listening clarity and more natural hearing.

Speech Enhancement Icon

Speech Enhancement

AI-enabled IntelliVoice feature helps improve speech understanding for those with significant hearing loss.

Speech Enhancement Icon

Noise Control

The ability to reduce background noise.

Edge Mode Icon

Edge Mode

Conducts an AI-based analysis of the environment to make immediate adjustments to help improve speech audibility issues caused by background noise and even face masks. Exclusive to Circa Edge AI.

Personalized Control Icon

Personalized Control

Make adjustments to suit your preference.

Personalized Memories Icon

Personalized Memories

Create geotagged memories for frequently visited locations.

Auto On/Off Icon

Auto On/Off

Easily and automatically save battery power when you're not using your hearing aids.

Mask Mode Icon

Mask Mode

Custom memory boosts certain frequencies to help you better hear people who are wearing face masks.*

*Available on select technology levels

Body Activity Tracking Icon

Body Activity Tracking

Monitor your daily steps and activities.

Brain Health Tracking Icon

Brain Health Tracking

Track hearing aid use and social engagement.

Fall Detection and Alerts Icon

Fall Detection and Alerts

Sensors detect falls and alert selected contacts.

Thrive Assistant Icon

Thrive™ Assistant*

Ask questions to troubleshoot hearing aid and accessory issues.

Hearing Care Anywhere Icon

Hearing Care Anywhere™

Minimize visits to your hearing professional’s office by requesting remote adjustments, including via video chat.

Transcribe Icon


Conversations are captured on your smartphone so you can read, save and send what’s being said.

Language Translation Icon

Language Translation

Translate 27 different spoken languages.

Self Check Icon

Self Check

Allows you to perform a diagnostic test on your hearing aids.

Reminders Icon


Schedule reminders for appointments, taking medications, prescription refills or other personal tasks.

Find My Phone Icon

Find My Phone

Using your hearing aids and Thrive Assistant, you can now locate your lost or misplaced phone by having it ring.

* Available in premium technology only

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